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Fin & Me Wealth Partners LLP

Helping young Indian earners improve their relationship with Money, since 2020.

We are:

  • AMFI-registered MFDs (ARN: 194729)
  • SEBI NISM V-A Certified
  • AP, ICICI Securities Ltd (NSE Membership# AP0346087164)

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Our Vision & Mission

Our vision is to get lakhs of young Indian earners to get started on the path to financial independence, and perhaps even financial abundance.

Our initial mission started with explaining the concepts of personal finance in the simplest ways possible using parable-based storytelling, so that, with some basic knowledge, some simple tweaks to the monthly budget and a lot of patience, first-time investors could get started on their path towards financial freedom.

We have recently embarked on our latest mission as AMFI-registered Mutual Fund Distributors and Authorized Person for ICICI Securities, helping expand financial inclusion in India, and assisting resident Indians, NRIs and PIOs with the right choice and mix of investment products relevant to their financial goals.

Who are we?

Fin and Me Wealth Partners LLP is a limited liability partnership firm registered with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, India.


LK’s investment philosophy aligns with value investing, picking undervalued stocks across market caps, at the right time, for the right price, and holding on to them for very long durations. LK has been a DIY investor in the stock market for over a decade and has stayed invested throughout various market cycles. LK is available to help clients get started with stocks, IPOs and mutual funds. LK can be reached on Twitter @LK_talks


Vasan’s investment philosophy focuses on goal-based investing, with proper asset allocation and periodic rebalancing. He is particularly passionate about helping first-time investors, by engaging in parable-based storytelling to help them understand the basic concepts of money management and basic personal finance. Vasan is available to help clients pick the right mix of equity and fixed income investments according to their financial goals and asset allocation. Vasan can be reached on Twitter @vasanomics.

Why are we doing this?

Most young earning members in professional, corporate, multi-national or startup jobs today don’t have government-guaranteed life-long pensions as our parents’ generation did post-retirement. It is also becoming equally unlikely that the current generation of young parents are comfortable with the idea of being fully dependent on their children for survival in their retirement years. 

Despite this stark contrast, most of us have inherited a socialist manner of money management from our parents and grandparents, while the country has moved from 1991, and continues to move towards a more capitalistic economy. Learning to manage one’s money better in younger years, and planning for a secure long-term financial future for ourselves and our children, has become a survival skill today. We can no longer afford to hide behind our ignorance stemming from lack of sufficient financial education in our school years. 

Moreover, when someone achieves financial freedom, they no longer need to work for money, but can rather focus on what they are passionate about; on what they believe in; on something that is of value to others; and even if they do not work on something they love, they need not work on something they hate. Imagine how much better society would be, if most of us spent our hours doing what we do, because we wanted to, rather than because we had to.

Additionally, only when our own financial house is in order, can someone feel generous enough to help others. When someone is lucky enough to achieve financial abundance, or are confident that they will reach that stage later in life, they may start giving back to society and help others improve their station in life. Imagine the effect of this ‘compounding’ for our country. So many people would be lifted out of multi-generational poverty if we can help them get access to basic education, healthcare, and decent work, thereby getting them started on their path to financial abundance. Imagine the effect of compounding this would have on a ‘developing’ country like India to become a developed country.

This is why we do what we do.