1. Save ₹25,000 every month.

If you can’t afford to save this much, try to jump jobs and aim for a pay hike or start a side hustle using skills you are passionate about.

Alternatively, you can try to spend mindfully. Start by tracking your expenses. We have an excel template to help you get started.

Avoid credit cards. You are not going to change your station in life though reward points. Instead create a separate bank account and earmark it for expenses and fund this account from your salary account with a standing instruction.

You can open a bank account fully digitally through your phone with Neo Banking Fintech apps like Jupiter.

2. Open a Demat account for Investments.

If you want to know how to do that, email us: finandme.finance@gmail.com 

3. Invest 60% (₹15,000) in a Flexicap Mutual Fund. Expected return: 10-12%

4. Invest 40% (₹10,000) in a Dynamic Bond Fund. Expected return: 6-7%

5. Review after 1 year. Is your 60:40 ratio still valid?

6. If the Equity market crashes or faces a correction, sell some units of the Dynamic Bond fund and Invest in the Flexicap fund and rebalance back to the 60:40 ratio.

7. If the Equity markets are booming in a Bull Market, Book some profits from the Flexicap fund and secure them in the Dynamic Bond Fund.

8. Repeat steps 6 & 7 every year. This is important to reduce market risk.

9. Be patient for 15 years.

10. You’ll have ₹1,00,00,000 by the year 2037!

Likewise ₹50,000 / month makes you a Crorepati in 10 years and if you continue the SIP for another 15 years you’ll have ₹6,00,00,000!

Want to start investing but don’t know where to start? Reach out to us for a FREE consultation.

To learn how you can also become a Multi-Crorepati, reach out to us with the keyword: CROREPATI at finandme.finance@gmail.com 

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