Finn, Nancy and Meme are heading back home after watching a game of Cricket at the stadium.

Nancy: “I was really hoping Dhoni would hit a few boundaries and sixes in the last over and win the match for us.”

Meme: “That’s too much to expect from one man to accomplish in the last over.”

Nancy: “But it’s not like Dhoni hasn’t done this before. He’s the best finisher we’ve ever known!”

Meme: “Just because he has done things like that in the past, does not mean he can do it every single time, consistently!”

Nancy: “That’s sadly true – but what a chase it was!”

Meme: “The first two wickets scored the runs very slowly! They should have taken some risks and scored a few boundaries early on!”

Nancy: “Unfortunately, we don’t have a Sehwag as the opening batsman anymore. If he was there, we would have put on quite a bit of runs in the first few overs.”

Meme: “True. And then even the lower order would have been able to scores 1s and 2s to win the match for us.”

Finn: “Folks, sorry to break up your passionate discussion, but I need some help. My father just messaged me. He is asking what’s the best way to invest to reach a Rs. 1 Crore corpus by investing Rs.50,000 a month.”

Nancy: “How old is he?”

Finn: “53. He’s due to retire at 58.”

Nancy: “Why does he want to start investing now?”

Finn: “He hasn’t been able to invest so far because he was paying off the home loan. The loan just got over this month. So he wants to start investing an amount equal to the EMI so that he doesn’t get tempted to spend it and increase his lifestyle.”

Meme: “Does he have any other investments so far? Anything in equity?”

Finn: “Nothing except his EPF. Zilch in equity, but he’s interested to start now.”

Nancy: “Sounds as difficult as expecting Dhoni to hit 6 sixes in the last over.”

Meme: “It would take approx. 15 years to reach 1 Crore with a monthly investment of Rs.50,000. He should have been a Sehwag in his earlier years, taking some risk and investing in equity so that at this late age, even a simple government bond would have been enough for him to reach his target corpus.”

Finn: “You are absolutely right. What can he do now?”

Meme: “What can the team do at the last over if they didn’t let Sehwag play in the initial overs and are now overly dependent on Dhoni to take them home in the last over?

Finn: “Reconcile that the game is lost?”

Meme: “Indeed my friend. Try your best to win, but accept that it is unlikely. He will have to settle for a lower lifestyle in retirement than what he is expecting. No other choice.”

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