• February 23, 2023
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A growing number of NRIs are looking at growing their wealth in India, and investing for a future where they can quit their jobs abroad and return back to their hometown in a few years. But it has not been easy to invest in India from abroad – especially from the US and Canada. There are only a limited number of mutual funds which accept investments from NRIs based in the US and Canada, and many of them insist on offline paperwork to get onboarded. 

If you fall into this category, look no further. Fin & Me can help ease this process for you. We offer:

  1. Easy digital onboarding: NRIs can easily open an investment account with Fin & Me Wealth Partners with zero paperwork. This digital onboarding process eliminates the need for physical presence in India, making it a hassle-free experience that can be completed in minutes.

  2. Convenience: NRIs can manage their investments in Indian mutual funds from anywhere in the world. This offers a high level of convenience, as they can invest, track their investments, and make changes to their portfolio online.

  3. Diversification: NRIs can invest and diversify across a range of asset classes – equity (large cap, mid cap, small cap), debt (corporate bonds, government securities, credit-risk funds), gold, REITs, InvITs by simply investing in 3-5 mutual funds. 

  4. Tax benefits: Mutual Funds can end up being tax-efficient investment products, as tax needs to be paid only at the time of withdrawal, and in the case of debt mutual funds, indexation to inflation, can reduce the tax on gains considerably as well. Equity mutual funds already offer a lower rate of taxation. 

  5. Professional Management: Benefit from our experience in building a simple portfolio of mutual funds that is well-diversified, and suitable for your risk profile, and appropriate for your financial goals. 

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