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Fin and Me Wealth Partners LLP is a limited liability partnership firm registered with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, India. We are here to help you achieve Financial Independence and Time Freedom.

Where to start?

  • Understand your current financial health
  • Identify your financial goals and timeframes
  • Work with us to identify a customized plan to achieve your goals
  • Download the tracker below, fill it up, and send it to us for a FREE online consultation

We are:

  • AMFI-registered MFDs (ARN: 194729)
  • SEBI NISM V-A Certified
  • NSE Member (Membership# AP0346087164)

Working with Fin and Me has been a unique and refreshing experience for me, especially because of the personalized money management advice offered. They always ensure to put in extra effort to simplify complex investment options, in such a way that anyone can understand it fully, before opting for it. I’m more confident of reaching my FIRE goals now with the partnership of Fin & Me.

Louis Cherian Fin and Me
Louis Cherian
ABM, Red Hat, Singapore

The team at Fin & Me helped me move from a negative cycle of EMI outgo to becoming debt-free, and start a positive cycle of SIP investments – that now go towards building a corpus for my retirement goals and my daughter’s education. This has made me feel much more confident about my financial future. 

Praveen Kumar
Sales Operations Manager, PlanView Inc

While my wife and I were already investing blindly in mutual funds solely for the purpose of tax savings, it was in discussion with Fin & Me that we realised the importance of goal-based investing. We were guided all through the way from identifying unnecessary expenses on credit cards to setting up a customised investment plan for both of us.

Vidhyashankar Venkat
Senior Associate, Art & UI, Byju's

While investing in stocks and mutual funds, I always focused on short-term returns and used to exit them when they didn’t perform to my expectations or when I made a desirable “profit.” After speaking to Fin & Me, I realized the value of SIPs tied to financial goals, long-term compounding and reducing risk through asset allocation and rebalancing. 

Satheesh - Fin & Me Testimonial
Director, Genix Technologies, Chennai

I have never thought seriously about having to “manage” money. I used to spend from my credit card and somehow, somewhere the income and expenses reconciled some day. Fin & Me’s Cash Flow Tracker helped provide a structure for monthly money management and it was clear how much I could save. I am now investing systematically towards my goals. 

Girish Fin and Me Testimonial
Global Acc Mgr, Fujitsu, Bangalore

I’ve never been a spendthrift, yet I had no idea whether I was efficiently investing for my future. Talking to Fin & Me, I’m highly impressed by their in-depth knowledge and the effort they put in making me understand. They don’t scare you; they help you to get ready to take those crucial next steps towards investing.

Deepa Desai
Consultant, Infosys, Bangalore

I’ve known the folks at Fin & Me for a while. I used to ask LK to manage my money, and he would say, some day. Well, that day has now arrived, and they are helping people formally now. Having a formal session with them put things in perspective for me. My planning was all over the place. They have given me a structure now.

Prashanth K E
Senior Product Manager, HPE, Texas, USA

My prior investments were limited to Real Estate and Endowment Insurance policies.
After speaking with Fin & Me, I realized the value of investing in equity and debt instruments which offer better liquidity than real estate and better long-term returns than Endowment policies.

Channel Partner Enablement Manager HP Inc., Chennai

Prior to meeting with Fin and Me, I used to invest without any clear financial goals and mostly in real estate.
Now after meeting with Fin and Me, I have realized the lack of liquidity in real estate and the importance of investing in equity and debt instruments tagged to financial goals.

Arun Pillai
Proprietor, Just Signagess , Bangalore

I used to overspend my salary, take on loans, and keep paying EMIs, without thinking about the future. My retirement plan was to rely on my son!
Now after meeting with Fin & Me, I feel more confident, having started my financial journey with investments tagged towards retirement and son’s education as financial goals.

Sony K T
Marketing Professional Fujitsu, Bangalore

Stages of Wealth

The first step is to find out where you are currently on the wealth pyramid and go to that section to understand what you should do next to climb the financial ladder of success


This is typically the starting stage for many – where you might be dependent on your parents or your spouses for even basic survival expenses.


If you are earning enough to meet your basic survival expenses on your own and don’t owe any money to anyone or any bank, you are financially solvent.


If you have adequate health insurance, term life insurance, and 6-12 months of expenses in an emergency fund, you are financially stable.


If your investments are worth anywhere between 5-10 years of your current annual expenses for your basic needs, then you may consider yourself financially secure.


When someone achieves Financial Independence, they no longer need to work for money, but can rather focus on what they are passionate about.


If and when your net worth is far more than what you intended as a financial independence goal, then you can be said to be in the financially abundant stage


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